Fournier Bicycle Cheating Cards Apply to Gambling

Plastic Fournier Bicycle gambling cheating cards with jumbo face have red and blue cards. They can be marked with different invisible marks.


When it comes to Bicycle cheating cards, your first thought might be ultimate marked cards which used the traditional way to change the pattern of cards. To some extent, ultimate marking playing cards can be recognized with our eyes. However in this article, our Fournier Bicycle gambling cheating cards which are marked with invisible ink kit and those marks are unreadable to our naked eyes. Those cheating playing cards usually use our unique invisible ink contact lenses and IR sunglasses or poker analyzer system to read it. And how can we judge the quality of those Fournier Bicycle cheating playing cards?

  1. It is essential that the marks can’t be seen by your naked eyes and color didn’t changed after marking with invisible ink kit.
  2. A perfect plastic Bicycle cheating playing cards must clean enough on back or front of face and each pieces of cards didn’t stick together. Because luminous ink reacts easily to cards sometimes.
  3. When we put this gambling cards under infrared contact lenses or poker analyzer camera, the marks should be clear and without any mistakes. As for normal quality marked decks, it can’t be read with contact lenses as far as 3m.
  4. As for the marks, the top quality can be customize design as your wish and according to the back pattern, in order to keep marks more secret and safe.
  5. 5. Our top quality marked cards can keep as long as 2 years if you don’t open the box at least, even 3 months after the box has been opened.

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Blue, Red


100% Plastic



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