Fournier 2800 Poker Cheat Marked Card with IR/UV Marks

Fournier, as a famous Spanish poker brand, whose 2800 poker cheat marked cards with IR/UV marked are also popular in the poker cheating industry. As a quality marked poker cards manufacturer and exporter, we sell these cards in poker size jumbo index and available in red and blue colors.

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Made of 100 percent plastic material, Fournier 2800 poker cheat cards are never compromised at any poker game you play. Perfect flexibility and durable marking effect make it much popular than our imagination.

Introduced the most advanced cards printer and IR/UV ink, Fournier 2800 marked playing cards for cheat can totally avoid people’s attention and be your winning tool. Why? Because they are invisible to our human nude eyes and we only can read it by infrared contact lenses, UV sunglasses and poker scanning camera. Without seeing its poker face, you can know each card with suit and number easily and quickly. Also , these IR/UV Fournier 2800 marked poker cards are sold at very fair price but with good quality. And the more decks you buy, the more discounts you can get.

And we always know that people would like to buy the perfect quality Fournier 2800 poker cheat marked deck at a very low price, but the our price is based on our cost and quality. Image that buying low price product mean you take much risks at the same time. Once you are busted out in the game, it is very difficult to play the games, let alone playing poker cheating tricks. Rather than low price, here we can offer our client is quality guarantee.

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