Modiano No.98 Cheat Poker for Invisible Ink Reader

If you want to use a deck of cheat poker cards in Europe, Modiano no. 98 cheat playing cards are the popular cards. This type of cheating poker card is usually used with the invisible ink reader–marked cards contact lenses.


Modiano No.98 cheat poker can be applied to Texas Holdem, Omaha, and blackjack game, etc. Because you can read the cards’ suits and value by the special contact lenses, and no one will find this secret with naked eyes. The cheating marked cards just like the normal cards, nothing has changed of back pattern, color, and smell of the cards. As for the invisible ink reader, it can be used to read all types of marked cards. No matter the invisible ink is mixed in which proportion and the cards are in what color or with which back pattern, it can see the hidden marks clearly.

Modiano No.98 cheat cards for invisible ink reader feature a 4-pip index for ease of play

Included: 52 cards + 2 Jokers+ 1 extra cards

Cards size: 88 x 63 mm.

Available color: red & Blue

Index: small index on 4 corners.

Made from exclusively engineered 100% PVC plastic.

Completely washable.

New, sealed. Made in Italy. Processed in China.

Marked cards type: Contact lenses marked cards.

Suitable for: Omaha, Texas Holdem, Blackjack.

Modiano is one of the most famous brands worldwide and preferred poker enthusiasts and professionals alike. If you are interested in Modiano No.98 cheating poker cards, or if you have any questions about the invisible ink reader, please contact us.