Modiano Bicycle Poker Gambling Cheating Card

Modiano Bicycle poker gambling cheating card is one of our company’s hot selling products. It allows us to know the suit and points of the cards in advance, which is very helpful for you to win the game.


Modiano poker is one of the most classic playing cards in Italy which is used widely around world. At the same time, its processing cards deck Modiano Bicycle poker gambling cheating card is one of our company’s flagship products.

The basic feature of the Modiano Bicycle cheat card is 100% plastic playing card, in which life is much longer than ordinary poker. 100% plastic cheating cards are washable, curl resistant and fade resistant, waterproof and extremely durable. And Modiano Bicycle gambling poker has many color choices, which are jumbo indexes, and the big characters can always be more intuitive and clear, making users feel comfortable.

The distinguishing feature of the Modiano Bicycle poker gambling cheating card is definitely that it has luminous marks. These luminous marks are composed of luminous invisible ink. Its content is card suits and points. It can be on the back of the cards or on the side of the cards. We can see these marks with the help of infrared contact lenses and super sunglasses or poker scanners. No one can see these traces with the naked eye. Knowing the points and suits of the cards in advance will help you win the game.

Where can you buy the excellent Modiano Bike poker gambling cheating card?

Our company has a dedicated research department, which is the elite of science and technology. They have advanced equipment and expertise and use special invisible inks to mark the back or sides of Modiano Bicycle playing cards. You don’t have to doubt the products we made, our marking cheating cards are always safe and effective.

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