Fournier 2818 Gamble Cheating Marked Poker Cards

Fournier 2818 gamble cheating marked poker cards are made of 100% plastic, with very durability, safety and good quality, which are very powerful and safe for user.


Fournier playing cards are known for their durability, safety and high quality. They originated in Spain and are popular all over the world. Among the Fournier poker series processed by our company, Fournier 2818 Gamble cheating marked poker cards is one of the most popular products.

First of all, Fournier 2818 cheating poker was made of 100% plastic. What’s more, their poker size with jumbo index and smooth surface feature are impression to us. There are 6 colors to choose from, and the printing is clear, allowing users to experience a comfortable feel.

Secondly, the Fournier 2818 marked cards features an invisible ink mark. The marking content contains the cards suits and points, which can be printed on the back of the cards or four sides of the cards. Different marking methods have different observation ways. The markings on the back of the cards require direct observation by IR glasses, and you can quickly know the condition of the cards; the barcode marking on the sides of the cards requires a poker scanning analyzer, which helps you detect and analyze the cards. No matter which detect method is, it is greatly beneficial to the one who has used fournier2818 Gamble cheating marked poker cards.

Not only you can buy Fournier 2818 cheating playing deck for your own enjoyment of the game, but it also can be a gift for your friends or family. And I believe no one will reject this attractive and wonderful poker device.

In our company, we can provide high quality but reasonable Fournier 2818 cheating marked poker cards. So if you are interested in reading more in-depth information about Fournier 2818 marked deck and would like to get a price, feel free to contact online!

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100% Plastic


Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Red



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