Aviator Marked Poker Cards Red & Blue for Cheating

Aviator marked poker cards in red & blue are one of the most popular tool for cheating and they are widely used in various poker games.


American Poker Company (USPCC) introduced Aviator poker cards to commemorate transatlantic flights of 1927. These poker cards are perfect for marked poker cards because of good quality. Recently Aviator marked poker cards are widely used in American poker gambling. Quite a few Americans like to use Aviator for two reasons. The first reason is the touching feeling of the marked card is great because it features has a bordered back and a smooth finish. The second one is that this marked card can use for a long time.

There are two ways to mark poker cards. On the back of the Aviator marked playing cards, our technicians use the high-quality invisible ink to mark. Our naked eye can’t see through the mark. The mark will be shown under infrared contact lenses or perspective sunglasses. The same marking method, but the marking place is different. This is the side marked poker card which also can be called barcode marked decks. This barcode marked card can only be detected by a poker analyzer.

Usually, there are two types of back marking. One is a big number with a suit printed in the middle of the cards. The rest one is a small number and suits scattered at corners. If you have other requirements, we can customize it for you.

Under normal circumstances, our company will add a waterproof layer on the back of the marked card to protect the mark, so that these marked cards can stay longer. Aviator marked poker cards are available in two colors, red and blue, and you can choose what you like.

If you want to buy good quality cards. You can choose our company. All our Aviator marked playing cards is imported from the United States. The quality of the marked cards is guaranteed. You will not regret buying Aviator marked poker cards of our company. If you have any questions, please contact us.