KEM Paisley Poker Cheating Marked Playing Cards

KEM Paisley poker cheating marked cards are barcode marked playing cards which  are offered in different sizes and different colors here.

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Made of cellulose acetate plastic, KEM Paisley poker cheating marked playing cards are capable of withstanding thousands of times shuffling, dealing and bending. That is the main reason why a vast number of poker players like it very much. Hence, so people will think that processing invisible ink on the 100 percent cellulose acetate plastic KEM Paisley playing cards would not have a bad influence on the quality of barcode marked cards?

To be honest, in order to keep the best effect of KEM Paisley marked poker cards, manufacturers and players ought to keep it as much as careful. For manufacturer, adopting the originally imported KEM playing cards with good quality is of great essence. And in generally, we would like to add the protective cover on the whole cards in that it can keep its original quality at the greatest extent when processing. Finishing the whole machining procedures, the KEM Paisley poker cheating marked playing cards are compatible for all poker analyzers like AKK A1, AKKA2, CVK 400, PK S708 and so forth. Local cameras and wireless cameras can work it as well. The marks printed on the four edges are totally invisible to our human eyes, yet with the help of the poker analyzing system, the barcode marked cards the marks will light up on the screen! The best place for keeping KEM Paisley marked poker is in the places with low temperatures like the refrigerator. Since the price of good quality KEM Paisley edge marked cards is a little bit higher than the price of the low quality one, some players think buying the low-quality barcode KEM Paisley marked cards is enough for them. There are two disadvantages of the low-quality KEM Paisley marked poker: one is the short durability and the other one is security. If you are worried about these two facets that would damage your profits, choosing the good KEM Paisley cards are good for you.

Therefore, if you want to know more about KEM Paisley edge poker cheating marked playing cards, just free to contact me.

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