2020 Newest CVK 680 iPhone Poker Analyzer System

Disguised in iPhone 8 Plus, the 2020 newest CVK 680 iPhone poker analyzer system is the most comprehensive poker cheating device in the market.

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2020 newest CVK 680 iPhone poker analyzer system has made its first debut in this year, which caused great attention from all over the world. Cheatingcard.com online shop can offer this great playing cards scanning app for poker playing, greatly improve your winning odd in the game of any poker cards. CVK 680 poker card analyzer is the latest cheating device for Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Blackjack, Flash and other games.

Cheating in poker cards with this poker scanning system, the player not only can each know poker results within 0.1 second but also play poker tricks safely and quickly. Covered with iPhone 8 plus real phone model, this app will be installed in a hidden button. 2020 newest CVK 680 iPhone poker analyzer system is designed with the most advanced image processing function. Besides, its scanning distance between barcode marked cards and poker camera can be as long as 20-40cm and about 40cm from left to right. In this way, no matter how many times you shuffle the cards and how you move the playing cards, its local scanner will scan the cards very quickly.

If buying a 2020 newest CVK 680 iPhone poker analyzer system, what device you will get? A iPhone analyzer, a remote control, a digital earphone. and battery . However, barcode marked poker cards are also required when you applying this app in the casino games or house games. And keeping the distance within the limit scanning distance is also of great importance.

Last but not least, we will show you a video and a detailed instruction when sending the package.

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