Infrared Contact Lenses to Read Marked Poker Cards

How to choose different types of infrared contact lenses to read marked poker cards according to different eyes color?

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You may quite familiar with infrared contact lenses as they are pretty popular among the world recent years. However, do you know how it well and why can they be used to read marked cards very well? As for the working principle, they are quite different with poker analyzer, even the marked cards. Here are all about infrared contact lenses and how to use!

To some extent, the working principle of marked cards contact lenses can be explained as “Optical principle”. We all know that the reason our eyes can distinguish things is because the light reflected and absorbed by each object is different. And our eyes are only visible to a certain band of light, so the luminous marks on the cards are invisible to our eye after we using infrared ink to mark normal playing cards. In this way, we need a special medium to help you to recognize the invisible ink. Our infrared contact lenses are happening to take advantage of this principle and they have been processed with infrared technology. Therefore, they can be used to detect even the slightest luminous marks on marked playing cards.

Choosing perfect marked cards contact lenses for your game

Infrared Marked Cards Contact Lenses

Compared with normal contact lenses in appearance, marked cards contact lenses are not completely transparent. They are a little purple in the middle. Generally, the darker the color of contact lenses are, the clearer players can see the luminous invisible marks. But at the same time, the outer environment will be blurred. Therefore, if you are quite serious on the quality, darker contact lenses will be better than lighter contact lenses to read marked playing cards.

In the meanwhile, if they are not completely transparent, how can we choose them for different eyes color? All of our infrared contact lenses have same size which is about 14.5mm, while the size of pupil area which is purple can be different. And this dark purple color can’t change your eyes color if you are black or brown color. After all, all of our pupil color are almost with same color. It is means that you should choose small size marked cards contact lenses if your eyes color is blue and green or other lighter color. A pair of suitable contact lenses can do you a great favor at your game.

Method of keeping well the invisible ink contact lenses

How can we keep invisible ink contact lenses well? Normally, a pair of top quality contact lenses can use more than 2 years if you keep well. For those normal contact lenses, we usually keep it in care solution, but it is not good for our lenses. Because our invisible ink contact lenses are easy fade after you soak them into care solution for a long time. When the color fades away, you can’t read marked poker cards well. Therefore, the best easy way is soaking them into pure water and clear it with care solution before you wear. At the same time, we promise that our invisible ink contact lenses are harmless to our eyes but only if you do the cleaning work well.

In the end, there are a lot of customers ask about x ray contact lenses. It just a gimmick and isn’t exist with technology we have now. By the way, please follow the steps as in the picture to wear contact lenses, it will be better for you.


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