Maverick Marked Cards for Invisible Ink Cards Reader

Maverick marked cards for invisible ink cards reader are good cheating devices for poker gambling and magic performance. To be a winner is not a dream any more.


Maverick marked cards for invisible ink cards reader are favored by many poker players for their durable and high-quality marks. These marked cards are also called back marked cards because there are invisible marks on the backs of cards. Without the help of specialized devices, Maverick marked poker cards looks the same with common playing cards. No matter how other players scrutinize your cards, there is nothing strange that will be found.

Generally, invisible ink cards readers mean infrared contact lenses and sunglasses. They are the most common devices to see Maverick marked decks. With them, you can know the numbers and suits of cards. Knowing the information of cards, players needs to calculate out the possible winners by themselves. When making the bet, players can make a better decision.

These cards are available for not only casino poker gambling but also magic shows. In magic show, magicians often have a mind-reading performance. Magicians will choose a luck audience to pick up a card from a deck of poker cards and guess which card the audience chooses. If magicians don’t use Maverick invisible ink marked playing cards, they can’t know the number and suit of the card in advance. With them, magicians will have a wonderful and perfect show. What’s more, no audience can found your flaw even if they have close examination on you.

Maverick marked cards for invisible ink cards reader are the stepping stones to your success in both poker gambling and magic shows.

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