Modiano Cristallo Invisible Ink Playing Cards

Modiano Cristallo marked playing cards with invisible ink is a good cheating device with infrared contacts for poker games.

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Modiano Cristallo playing cards can be marked well with invisible ink for poker cheating. Being 100% plastic poker cards, they are popular used in many places including private games or casino games. People like to use Modiano cards for its high quality material and nice feel.

To use the Modiano Cristallo invisible ink playing cards is one of the most useful way to win in the games. Bar code marked deck of Modiano Cristallo cards can work very well for those popular games with the special phone scanner analyzer that can report users the results. Take the Texas Holdem game for example, people who use the barcode marked cards system can get the results in advance easily, such as the winning hand, the best two hands, the ranking of all hands, each cards of number and suit and so on.

And for the Modiano Cristallo marked playing cards with invisible ink marks for infrared ink readers, they are with markings of numbers and suits on every card so that users can wear the special infrared contact lenses to see all the cards well. There’s not any games limit such as Texas Holdem or Omaha. You can use these products in any games you like and this Modiano Cristallo¬† marked cards set with contacts or glasses and help you to win the games easily.

Modiano Cristallo invisible ink playing cards for infrared contact lenses can be in different marking modes such as big marks in the middle, small marks on four corners and so on. You can choose the most suitable one for your game.

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