Copag 4PIP Poker Cheat Marked Cards for Gambling

Copag 4pip poker cards refer to the Copag playing cards with 4 index, mainly are the Copag 4 corner Jumbo index or Copag 4 color deck. Here we want to talk about the 4pip poker cheat marked cards for cheating in gambling. They are always with the invisible markings for cheating.

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The Copag 4 corner deck and 4 color deck share the same pattern on the back. The special back and materiel makes them not easy to mark with luminous ink marks on the back for the infrared glasses or contact lenses. The luminous ink marks is easier to be visible on the Copag 4PIP playing cards than some other poker cards. However, with 10 years’ marking experience and the advanced marking machine and skills, we can mark the Copag 4PIP cards very well for contact lenses. Only wear the special lenses can people see the marks well and naked eyes can’t see any marks at all.

In addition to the contact lenses marked cards, the barcode marked deck of cards is another good choice for people who want to win the poker games with Copag 4pip playing cards. With the white sides, Copag 4PIP poker cheat marked cards can be labeled well with the invisible barcode markings on the 4 sides. With four sides’ marking, it’s quite easy for the users to use the poker scanner analyzer scan the invisible barcode and get the data so as to report you the game results such as the winning hands.

No matter you are using the contact lenses or poker scanner or other device, we can mark the Copag 4PIP cards to meet your needs!

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