Fournier WPT Invisible Marking Cheating Playing Cards

Fournier WPT Invisible Marking Cheating Playing deck is of high quality and is made of 100% plastic. A deck, both regular and gold, contains 55 cards. This deck becomes your helper in poker games.


WPT is the abbreviation of World Poker Tour, the world’s top poker event brand. Fournier is the official supplier of the tournament. If you are a WPT player, then the presence of Fournier WPT invisible marking cheating playing cards must make you feel incredible and happy.

The quality of the Fournier WPT poker is very high. It is made of 100% plastic. One deck contains 55 cards, there are regular and gold versions in red and blue color. The poker size is regular and has a jumbo index.

What can we do if you have big games tomorrow? Of course, we can purchase Fournier WPT invisible marked cheating playing cards.

What is Fournier WPT Invisible poker cards? Our company has invisible ink developed by ourselves. It can leave marks on playing cards with advanced machines. The contents of the marks are generally card’s suits and points. Such markings are always clear and difficult to fade. The marking method is different, and the detection method is also different. There are two methods of marking. The first way is printing marks on the back of the cards. Infrared contact lenses and super sunglasses are required to directly observe the marks. The second way is to mark on the sides of the cards with barcode. It needs a poker scanner to play function, the scanner detects the barcode marks, and the analyzer predict the game result.

If you can secretly use Fournier WPT invisible marking cards and their related detect equipment in poker tournaments, knowing the cards points in advance will definitely benefit you. In addition to poker games, our products can also be used in magic shows.

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100% Plastic



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