Bumble Bee Marked Cards for Poker Reader & Analyzer

The Bumble bee marked cards for poker reader and analyzer become the best choice for more people. they are the perfect combination in casino.


Have you seen the Bumble bee deck? This is a playing deck produced in the United States. Many magicians and casinos choose it. After processing by our company, it would become more popular and turn it into Bumble Bee Marked Cards for Poker Reader & Analyzer that becomes the best choice for more people. Bumble bee playing cards have an unbeatable advantage over other playing cards.

  1. Feel better. The Bumble bee marked deck is the most convenient and softest of all playing cards. Other cards are generally hard. Your hands may not be comfortable when you have a lot of use. Even the edges of some cards are rough to injured your fingers. The size of the Bumble Bee marked cards are just right for the palm of the person, and the feel is very comfortable.
  2. Longer life. The Bumble bee poker is made of 100% plastic, which determines its water resistance and durability. And the cards can freely change the shape of the body and return to the original in a short time.
  3. The most important point is that the invisible ink barcode marks Bumble bee playing cards specially processed by our company’s. These barcode marks contain suit and points of each cards. It is usually invisible to the naked eyes and can only be recognized by a poker reader and analyzer. Other devices such as infrared glasses cannot be detected. Regardless, the perfect combination of Bumble bee marked cards for poker reader and analyzer can help people win the perfect game at a casino or other venue.

Convenient marked playing cards will make your practice more like a fish in the water. If you need more details, please feel free to contact us.

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