Bicycle Prestige Marked Deck with Card Marking Ink

Bicycle Prestige marked deck with card marking ink is a type of cheating card, is the best way in card cheating. The cards marking on the Bicycle cards could read by luminous contact lenses or poker analyzer. Here we will explain the difference between these two types of card marking.

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The Bicycle Prestige marked deck with card marking for contact lenses

The cheating marks on this type of marked cards are number and symbol to show the users the values and suits of the cards deck. You can see each of the cards clearly and conveniently. For the luminous contact lenses, it’s easy and simple to use, just like the normal contacts. What’s more, their price is not expensive, so marked cards and contact lenses are the most popular cheating products for the player.

The Bicycle Prestige marked cards with card marking for poker analyzer

This type of card markings are special, you can’t see the value and suits of each card directly. The cheating marks are like the QR code, it needs to use with a special cheating device–poker analyzer, to scan and analyze the code to getting the game result. This kind of marked deck and cheating device are extremely suitable for Texas Holdem, Omaha, and blackjack, such kind of casino games.

Bicycle Prestige is the only 100% plastic cards that earned the right to carry the famous Bicycle name.

Size: Poker size and standard index

Available color: Red & blue

Material: The only 100% plastic card to offer a paper-like feel.

Origin place: The USA

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Blue, Red


100% Plastic