AKK A2 Poker Analyzer with Replaceable Battery

AKK A2 poker analyzer is a high-tech products that was able to read card markings remotely and to inform the cheater who will win the next hand.

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AKK A2 poker analyzer is a poker cheating device that was able to remotely read card markings to inform the cheater who will win the next hand. With the advantage of the replaceable battery, it becomes the most popular one among the poker analyzer device.

How does this poker analyzer work?

  1. Input the password to enter the app, and input another password to enter the game hall. Here you can choose the game you need: Texas Hold’em, 4 cards Omaha, report the cards directly from the top of the deck to down, etc.
  2. Set up the game rule, choose the reporting way, the scanning camera(internal or external scanner), etc.
  3. Face the camera towards the position of the cards(take the internal scanning camera as an example). Because the barcode marking were printed on the 4 edges of the poker cards. Once the scanner reads them, it will transmit the signal to the analyzer. And 1 second, you will be informed the gamble game result by a spy earpiece. Of course, you need to practice how to find the best way to read the cards faster and faster.

One of the advantage of this AKK A2 poker analyzer is that it can change the battery when it powered off. If you prepare 3 or 5 batteries, you can play the game whole day long.

There are pictures and videos to help you know well about the AKK A2 poker analyzer. If you have question about it, please contact us. We can show you how to use it by a video call.

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