Zipper Poker Hole Camera Gambling Cheating Device

Zipper poker hole camera gambling cheating device is a dynamic poker camera for poker analyzing system. It is suitable for all poker card analyzers, such as CVK 400, CVK680, A2, A1, PK S708 and so on.


Zipper camera is considered as one of the most fastest and useful poker cheating device by poker player in any poker game. There are some reasons why it is so popular in the poker cheating industry. First of first, its scanning distance is available in different ranges: 20-40cm, 30-60cm and you also can customize distance as you wish. Then, its ability in capturing barcode image of cards and signal are its shinning points. Because it can read the cards automatically with filling the light when in a dark environment. As long as you put the cards and camera within the scanning distance, its speed can be reach to read cards 20 times within 0.01 second. That is the main reason why so many people prefer zipper poker hole camera gambling cheating device than other cameras.

Different to other poker scanners, it is able to work over 8-10hours. Even working for a long time, this zipper poker hole camera gambling cheating device still can work very well. You can install this special zipper into different sizes and colors coats. Just with our human nude eyes, no one can detect it. Its security is so high beyond your imagination.

Of course, it is perfect for all poker players regardless of your poker knowledge and poker skill. Simple operation can fully make a good use of zipper poker hole camera gambling cheating device!

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