Car Key Scanner Camera Cheats at Poker Table

Car key scanner camera cheats at poker table is efficient and secure. They are your biggest helper in cheating definitely.

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The existence of a poker scanner lens (such as a car key) makes you think incredible. Car key scanner camera cheats at poker table is one of the best products sold by our company. It is latest but practical product.

A car key scanner is a device which has installed a mini camera lens for reading marked cards with poker analyzer. You can analyze player rankings, card colors and points by identifying barcode marked cards. Maybe you are wondering why so small space in the car key that can hold a camera? But our company has done it. We have a professional technical team that can use a car key to place a miniature camera in a small space. We can provide processing for various types of car keys (such as Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc.). Of course, you can also send us your real car key and we will help you deal with the car scanning lens without changing the appearance and function of the car key.

The car key scanner camera cheats at poker table is really safe. We can’t detect if there are any lenses in it. Car key scanning lens is generally placed on a table and the scanning distance is 8-15cm. Of course, we can also customize it according to your needs. It can usually be used for 2 hours, and the battery can be replaced without using the remote control. In general, car key scanners are efficient and secure, and they are definitely your biggest helper in cheating.

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