T-shirt Poker Scanner Camera Makes Poker Cheating Safer

The new 760 dynamic T-shirt poker scanner camera works in high speed and accuracy which makes the poker cheating with analyzer easier and safer.


T-shirt with poker scanning camera lens for poker cheating is a scanner product for phone poker analyzer with highly secretive. They are always popular use among those who want to enjoy the games secretly for they make poker cheating with barcode marked cards and poker card analyzer safer.

Now the latest model one of T-shirt poker scanner camera come out. It is the 4th generation of T-shirt poker scanning camera. Compared with the earlier model ones of T-shirt scanner camera, this new model T-shirt poker scanning camera has some improvements.

First of all, it is a dynamic scanning camera in this new T-shirt, which means that it has the very fast radar camera lens which can read the barcode playing cards in high speed. Many customers of poker scanner analyzers now have the special need of fast reading camera.

Secondly, the new T-shirt poker scanning camera has a wider scanning range. From the left to the right, the deck of marked cards can move within 60cm and can still get scanned by the amazing camera. It is much wider than earlier model ones and some other scanner cameras. What’s more, it can scan the cards with a scanning distance of about 25-60cm or so.

And since the camera lens is hidden inside the T-shirt with the fast-read barcode marked cards capability, it makes the poker cheating system with winner analyzer work faster and easier. And the normal look T-shirt is a good cover to make it work safer!

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