Key Chain Scanner Lens Poker Cheating Device

Key chain poker scanner lens is one of the most convenient poker cheating device to use for poker players or magicians.


Key chain scanner lens is very simple item and easy-to-use poker cheating device. It works as a wireless poker scanning camera to scan barcode marked deck of cards for poker winner analyzer to tell you the game results.

The keys are very daily items to everybody every here so is the key chain or key ring. Here our key chain is very special one for inside there’s a special spy scanning camera lens which is an amazing device for poker cheating. It is a very good Key chain scanner lens poker cheating device.

There are some features of this key chain scanner camera that people may want to know.

  • 1stly, the key chain scanning camera can scan the marked deck of poker cards well as long as the deck is within its scanning range. Its scanning distance is about 25-40 cm. Put it on the poker table, it can scan and get the barcode data quickly for the poker cards analyzer.
  • 2ndly, this kind of product is small and exquisite and you can take it everywhere you want. It’s easy and normal for people to carry it to the poker rooms and put in on the poker table. It won’t attract others’ attentions, which make it safe for you to use in the poker games cheating.
  • 3rdly, this small item will come with a small battery inside and also you can buy extra batteries to change so as to work for longer hours.

It is worthy to get such set of products for its perfect work and reasonable price. Welcome to get more information about it!

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