CVK 600 Iphone 8 Poker Analyzer for Texas & Omaha Cheat

CVK 600 iphone 8 Poker Analyzer is definitely your best helper for Texas and Omaha games. It is so simple and fast to help you win the game.

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In order to better meet the needs of most poker players, the poker analyzer iPhone is finally available. This CVK 600 poker analyzer is a typical model of the iPhone and was very popular when it was introduced. Here are the advantages of the CVK 600 iPhone 8 poker analyzer for Texas & Omaha cheat.

The first point is about the appearance of analyzer, it looks like a normal iPhone. You can surf online, mark call, send messages, and so on. In addition to these functions, it has excellent analysis capabilities which can report 100% accurate results within 1-2 seconds.

Secondly, CVK 600 has a built-in scanning camera that can scan barcode marked playing cards on the poker table over a large 3D scanning range. The distance between barcode marked playing cards and the analyzer is 20-40cm. This CVK 600 analyzer is compatible with all wireless scanner cameras. After scanning the barcode marked cards, the user can quickly receive information by using a wireless headset. In addition, it equipped various poker games, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, etc.

Last but not least CVK 600 iPhone 8 poker analyzer for Texas & Omaha cheat has a durable battery. It can work for up to four hours and you no longer need to worry about the battery life of the analyzer.

With the CVK 600 analyzer system, you can easily win in poker games.

Our company specializes in manufacturing cheating devices for all forms of gambling. We have customers from all over the world. Due to the reasonable price, excellent product quality and the best service, they have very good feedback on our products. You can definitely trust our company. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

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