CVK 400 Iphone X Poker Hand Analyzer Scanning System

CVK 400 poker hand analyzer are fashion iPhone X scanning system which can scan barcode marked cards within 0.1s in Texas Hold’em or Omaha games.

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When it comes to poker hand analyzer, CVK 400 iPhone scanning system must the one I need highly recommended. First of all, from the appearance, the slim and perfectly streamlined iPhone X body is enough to attract attention from customers. What’s more, iPhone X are popular around the world. Therefore, it is hard to arose suspect from other players when you use it to cheat at poker games. Although CVK 400 poker hand analyzer is not the latest system among CVK series of analyzer, but its upgrade mode must be the one with the best stability. What’s more worth mentioning is that its computing responsiveness is the best among all poker analyzer. It is means that this poker analyzer can analyze result within 0.05s after read the barcode. And we all know, other analyzers system usually need 0.1-0.5s.

The whole CVK 400 poker hand analyzer should contain a iPhone X, earpieces, batteries and charger. While remote control needs additional configuration. By the way, their earpieces are quite different from the normal earpieces for other poker analyzer. In order to improve the security of the analyzer system, this earpieces need to confirm on iPhone X, then they can be connect together and work. By the way, each CVK poker hand analyzer only can connect 8 earpieces. It is means that 8 earpieces can work together after connect at same time! However, if some earpieces broken and there are no earpieces can connect any more. Therefore, please pay more attention when you use it and be careful when you pull it out from your ear.

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