Chip Tray Barcode Marked Cards Scanner Camera

How can we processed a safe and hidden marked cards scanner camera? Chip tray must be the first choice for cards dealer at any game.


How can we choose a perfect pokerĀ  scanner camera for a cards dealer? We all know there are numerous poker analyzer scanner offered in market, but each scanner has different feature. If you are a dealer, the scanning distance would be the most important thing you need to consider. Because the deal area is fixed, the distance between the card and the dealer is also relatively fixed. 8-15cm or 20-40cm will be more suitable after comparing with other scanner. Therefore, Chip tray barcode marked cards scanner camera must be the first choice to processed as marked cards scanner camera. And nothing has been changed after handling in appearance.

A whole set of chip tray poker scanner should contain chip tray, remote control and charge. How could it work with poker analyzer system? We handle the main switch of chip tray camera extremely concealed, so we usually use a little pin to dig the switch hole. Then after press the button on remote control, the camera will be turn on after waiting about 3s. By the way, don’t forget to change “local camera” mode into “wireless camera” mode on poker analyzer. At last, you will get information via your mini earpieces. The most clever design is that you can use remote control to turn on or turn off the camera at any time as you wish. In this way, you always can save power to support the camera. That’s why a full of power chip tray marked cards scanner camera can keep work as long 10 hours. It really a big advantage among all poker camera.

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