Customized Speaker Long Distance Camera for Poker Room

Customized speaker long distance camera is a good choice for players who want to scan the marked cards at a long distance.

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Customized speaker long distance camera has no difference with common music speaker. It is a good choice for poker room. No one will suspect a “common” music speaker. This scanner still has the same functions with a common speaker. When you don’t play poker gambling, the speaker camera can act as a ordinary music box.

You can also send your own music speaker to us. We will put a mini long-distance scanner in your speaker. And the battery of scanner is connected to the power of the speaker so its working life is quite long. As long as there is no power cut, the camera will continue to work.

When you receive the customized speaker scanner, you just need to connect power supply and open the switch button of the speaker scanning camera. After these operations, the camera can work. You need to put the music speaker in the place within its scanning distance. Otherwise, the results maybe not accurate.

How does the customized speaker long-distance scanner work?

This speaker camera device needs to work with a poker analyzer. There is a receiver in analyzer to get the information from external cameras. Before poker gambling, user need to set up the games in analyzer, like numbers of players and video selection ( local camera or external camera). When the gambling starts, speaker camera will autofocus on the barcode marked cards and analyzer will inform user possible results through a wireless earpiece.

With customized speaker long distance camera, user can win money effortlessly. This cheating device is easy to operate. When gambling, user can be proficient in using this camera without much practices.

Additional information

Scanning Distance

8-15cm, 20-40cm, 40-60cm, 60-90cm, 90-120cm, 1-2m, 2-3m, 3-4m, 4-5m




DHL Express, UPS Express

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