Long Distance Lamp Spy Camera with Scanning System

Long distance lamp spy camera can greatly increase players’ winning chances with the help of the poker analyzer. Players can get directly get the possible results immediately.


Long distance lamp spy camera with scanning system is a good choice for casino room. Any kinds of lamps can be processed into poker cameras. In daily life, lamp is a very common item to light up the houses. Our long distance lamp poker scanner has the same look with ordinary lamp so it won’t cause other players’ suspicion.

Wall lamp and Ceiling lamp are very suitable to be processed into poker camera. They are installed in the high place so its camera won’t be blocked by other players or audiences. And they won’t know that there will be poker cards scanner can scan the marked cards in long distance.

Long distance lamp spy camera has to work with a poker cards analyzer. In poker gambling, lamp camera will automatically scan the marked playing cards after dealer finishes shuffling. Then the transmitter in lamp will send the information to the analyzer. Then it will begin to calculate out the results. The procedure sounds very complex but players can get the results within 1 second.

Lamp poker cards camera has very long working life because we connect the power cord of the lens to the original wire of the lamp when we install the infrared camera in lamp. And it also has backup power. When the power is cut, the backup power will take effect. The long distance lamp spy camera with scanning system will be equipped with a remote controller which is to control the lamp poker spy camera on and off.

If you need long distance playing cards camera, lamp spy camera will be recommend.

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