Iphone Poker Scanner with Hidden Camera Lens

iPhone poker scanner with hidden camera lens is a hot-sale cheating device in our company because It can scan the barcode fast and clearly during gambling.

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iPhone poker scanner with hidden camera is not just like iPhone. It is processed from real iPhone so its functions are exactly the same with iPhone’s. We can process all models of iPhones into poker scanners. iPhone poker camera is very popular in poker cheating devices market because this device is very concealable.

The Working Principles of iPhone Poker Card Scanner

In iPhone, we will install a mini specialized camera and a transmitter. The camera is within special wave band so it can scan the invisible ink barcode on marked playing cards. But iPhone poker cards camera can’t analyze the information from barcode by itself. So it needs a transmitter to send the information to a poker analyzer which has a signal receiver. The analyzer will calculate out the possible winners in gambling and inform users through a bluetooth earpiece.

The Performance of iPhone Scanner

iPhone poker scanner with hidden camera lens have similar scanning distance like poker analyzer, about 20-40cm. Its scanning distance can be customized if its usual distance can’t satisfy your demands. As long as the marked cards are within the scanning range, it automatically focuses on the barcode. What’s more, its results are very accurate.

With iPhone playing cards camera, players don’t need to guess who is the winner in gambling any more. What they need to do is to sit around the poker table and wait for results coming. Then take much money back home.

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