Excellent Speed Power Bank Scanning Camera

The excellent power bank scanning camera is the most affordable and practical as its high speed and wide scanning range always can help you in a poker game.

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One of the most affordable and practical poker cheating tool is the excellent speed ​​power bank scanning camera from our company. It is a poker scanner that conceals a miniature lens which can recognize barcode marks on marked cards. This lens has unparalleled advantages in comparison with ordinary mobile power scanners and other poker camera.

The most obvious advantage of this excellent speed ​​power bank scanning camera is that it has a fast scanning speed and a wide enough scanning range.

Are you surprised and delighted? There are many benefits to its speed and scope. With this scanner, you no longer need to worry about the gaming table being too long in the game, or worry about the table not allowing items. Because our high-speed power bank scanner allows you to scan it by holding it in the game.

The configuration of this great power bank camera lens has been added image correction technology, which has a greater ability to process images. Even if you move it, as long as the barcode marked poker is within its scanning range, it will recognize the barcode automatically. The scanner can recognize barcodes on all three sides, and it is really excellent.

Excellent speed ​​power bank scanning camera is very easy to operate. You only need to press On and Off to switch camera lens under a second. At the same time, it is easy to control, you only need to power on the poker camera and analyzer, and the wireless signal from the poker scanning camera transmitted to the poker analyzer. After setting up the game, the scanning system will tell you the information that you need.

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