Buy Classic Jumbo and Standard Index Marked Deck

Classic jumbo and standard index marked deck is the most favorite brand for many poker lovers and more useful than ordinary playing cards.


Classics poker are the most popular poker design in the United States. It was be made of excellent paper, so it has become the most favorite brand among many poker lovers as their superb craftsmanship. At the same time, the Classic playing cards have very good flexibility and excellent feeling. Therefore the Classic jumbo and standard index marked deck has been one of the main processing cards sold by our company.

Classic marked cards are special in our handling of marked decks. Normally we are handing with plastic cards, but we will also process paper Classic playing cards to meet different needs. We can use our expertise and advanced equipment to mark infrared invisible ink on Classics poker, and we guarantee that the marking will remain clear and not easily faded.

Classic marked playing cards are often more suitable for magic card performers. The Classic marked deck is very soft and flexible, bringing great comfort to the user. Magicians can use our infrared glasses and infrared contact lenses to see the colors and points on the back of the cards to help complete the magic show.

The deck is also suitable for community games and professional poker competitions.

There are both red and blue Classic index marked deck, with regular index and jumbo index. You can choose according to actual needs. Overall, in terms of size, print, paper, flexibility and longevity, they are more useful than ordinary playing cards! It must be one of the best options for poker enthusiasts. For more details, please contact us.

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