Modiano Peek Index Luminous Marked Playing Cards

Modiano peek index luminous marked playing cards look like ordinary cards but they are wonderful devices in poker cheating. Players can win easily in gambling with these cards.


Unlike most Modiano cards, Modiano peek index luminous marked playing cards have special indexes which are composed of four small indexes in four corners and two big indexes in the middle. Their back designs are similar with Bee poker cards which are typical borderless rhombus back design. These cards are plastic cards which are easy to shuffle and deal. And they won’t be stuck together.

We process Modiano peek index poker decks with invisible ink so they can’t be detected by our naked eyes. The luminous marks are usually numbers and suits. There are three main marking designs: big font and suits, four small fonts and suits and four very small fonts and suits in white borders. We will choose the most suitable marks for your cards. Custom service is also supported when you want your own marks.

How are Modiano peek index marked playing cards applied in poker cheating?

Modiano peek index luminous marked cards have perfect performance in poker cheating. They have no difference with the ordinary cards. Other players won’t discover that you are using marked decks to make a trick.

With these cards, players can win in two steps. First, players need to prepare a deck of Modiano Peek index marked poker cards instead of normal cards before poker gambling. Second, players have to wear special infrared contact lenses and sunglasses. With them, these cards will let you know their numbers and suits. So players can calculate out the winners in gambling according to the information.

Modiano peek index luminous marked playing cards are useful devices to greatly increase players’ winning odds.

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Blue, Green, Orange, purple, Red


100% Plastic



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