Fournier 2500 Invisible Ink Marked Playing Cards

Fournier 2500 invisible ink marked playing cards is popular use in poker games. People use this invisible ink marked decks instead of normal clean poker cards, cheating in the poker games and hoping to win more from it.

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How can people use the Fournier 2500 poker cards for tricks?

In some places, the Fournier 2500 marked deck of cards with invisible ink marks might be used and the users can wear the special contact lenses or infrared ink sunglasses to see the invisible markings which can show the numbers and suits. Since the luminous marks on the back of the marked cards is invisible to naked eyes and people without the right infrared ink readers can’t see any signs or markings at all, the users of the Fournier 2500 marked cards can secretly see the marks of suits and numbers clearly with our infrared contact lenses. To know every cards well of your opponents, you can always make wise decisions and bets among the games, so as to the win at last.

With 4pip index, Fournier 2500 playing cards are 100% plastic cards. The 2800 of Fournier cards are plastic and has the same back as 2500 cards, both of which can be marked well with barcode marks to work with phone analyzers. Not only to tell you the number and suit of every card, the phone analyzer can also forecast the winning hands of games exactly. It’s an advanced way to cheating in poker games with this scanning system with invisible barcode marked cards and poker scanner analyzer.

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