Copag Texas Holdem Cheating Marked Playing Cards

100 percent plastic Copag Texas Holdem cheating marked playing cards will spring back to their original shape, which is perfect for peaking games like Texas Hold’em and Omaha 4.

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Copag Texas Holdem cheating marked playing cards are only for marked cards contact lenses or poker camera to read. Same as the normal and unprocessed poker cards, it can widely used in casino games, house poker games, private parties, magic shows and so on. Thanks to this kind of cheating marked poker cards are totally invisible to our human naked eyes, a growing number of poker players are fond of it very much.

Therefore, you must be very curious what do Copag Texas Holdem cheating marked playing cards look like? Let’s make it simple, you can know each card with suit and number via reading its back. These cards are processed according to the infrared working principle, so that the markings are only apparent to special lenses and cameras.

It would be very nice and good to know each card in the poker game when you are going to make a blind. In this way, you can calculate who is the best winner or how to increase your odds at poker. So you can win just like you were a magician who can create a miracle. Or using the poker analyzing system, you can know all poker result within 1 second. So fast but accurate to apply this device at poker.

Also, Copag Texas Holdem cheating cards in Belgium version and Brazil version are available here in the perfect quality. Keeping 100 percent original quality, our marked playing cards feature its long durability and clear marking effect. Fair price but good quality Copag Taxas Holdem cheating marked playing cards are favored by poker players from all over the world.

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