Modiano Texas Hold’em Marked Cards for Poker Cheat

Modiano Texas Holdem marked cards for poker cheat can be processed for poker perspective system and poker scanning camera.

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Modiano Italian Texas Hold’em marked cards for poker cheat are always made of 100 % plastic playing cards. Our good quality Modiano Texas Holdem marked poker cards are made on the basis of the imported Italian poker playing cards. In order to keep the original quality, we introduce the most advanced card processing system and the most high quality invisible ink. After procession, they can be kept for one year in a unopened and good condition.

To cooperate with different detective devices, different Modiano Texas Holdem marked playing cards for cheat are designed. If you already had a pair of marked cards contact lenses, then we are going to recommend you to use the Modiano Texas Holdem marked poker cards with back markings. In this way, you can indentify each card with a quick glance. When playing games, your additional edges will bring about huge profits and fun to you. While if you have various cameras for poker analyzer, the barcode Modiano Texas holdem marked poker cards will be introduced. With reading the code on the four sides of each card, the poker analyzing system is able to analyzing the barcode image and then report the 100 percent correct poker results to you. Not only each poker card from top to down with suit or without suit, but also the best first poker hand, the best second poker hand, flop, turn, and river you can know within 0.1 second.

Here you can choose any marking pattern with a fair price as you wish.

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