Copag Jumbo / Regular Index Marked Playing Cards

The Copag series poker has always been used by the general public, and Copag Poker ’s basic product, Copag Jumbo or Regular index marked playing cards, has always been one of our company’s top-selling product.

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Why do so many people choose Copag playing cards? Of course, that is due to the good quality of Copag. We can know from Wikipedia that in 2005, the World Poker Championship designated Copag Poker as their official card supplier.

Copag marked playing cards have two different indexes, one is the Jumbo index, and the other is regular index.

Copag marked deck marking techniques, whether it is Copag Jumbo index or regular index marked poker cards, there are two ways of marking. Our company has professional technicians who use special printers to make invisible luminous marks on cards. The contents of the marks are generally the points and suits of the cards. The first way of marking is to print directly at the four corners or in the middle of the cards. The marks are not visible to the naked eye, but you can directly see the card’s points and suit using the equipped luminous infrared glasses. The other is to mark with barcodes on the four sides of the cards. You need to equip a poker analyzer to help you identify and analyze the barcode and draw important conclusions.

The good quality of Copag Jumbo or Regular index marked playing cards are reflected in that it is made of 100% plastic, which has better elasticity and longer life. It is always safe to use Copag playing marked cards, because of the marks are always invisible. It has red and blue colors, Jumbo index and regular index for players to choose.

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100% Plastic


Blue, Red


Poker Size, Jumbo or Regular index



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