Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck for Magic Show

Bicycle ultimate marked deck can be applied in magic show and casino gambling. These cards don’t need to work with other poker cheating devices.

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Bicycle ultimate marked deck is visible marked poker deck for magic show which don’t need the help of other cheating devices, like infrared contact lenses and sunglasses. These marked playing cards are not processed with invisible ink, so they can be detected by our naked eyes.

Generally, invisible ink marked cards will be printed some marks on the back. If through naked eyes, this kinds of cards look the same with original poker cards. But for ultimate Bicycle marked poker cards, we directly make some slight changes on the back of card. These marks are visible but imperceptible.

Ultimate marked Bicycle cards are favored by many magicians. With these marked poker decks, magicians can know the numbers and the suits of the cards. But Audiences won’t know the secret about the Bicycle cards because the cheating marks are very small. This trick is very common in the performance of mind reading in poker magic show.

Generally, there is four main marking ways for ultimate marked playing cards: block-out, tinting, cut-out and hieroglyph. Hieroglyph is the most popular mark because it is very easy to understand. It is to connect numbers with pattern designs of the cards. And the hieroglyph marks are hidden in the patterns so that they are not easy to be discovered by others. The marks are usually printed in the 4 corners of the back of Bicycle ultimate marked deck. Other ways are also suitable for marking Bicycle poker cards. They are also very concealable. Player can choose marking methods according to their own demands.

Bicycle ultimate marked decks are not only suitable for magic show, but also for poker gambling games. With these cards, players can know their opponents’ cards in advance even if they don’t wear infrared contact lenses. Winning odds are greatly increased.

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