Dal Negro Texas Holdem Marked Cards for Poker Lenses

More and more people were devoted to poker games, and maybe they will look for the playing deck that belong to them in the vast cards. At this time, you may consider a product of our company that Dal Negro Texas Holdem marked cards for poker lenses.


Dal Negro Texas Holdem marked card for poker lenses always been one of our company’s best sellers.

It is widely used in casino games and club games around the world. Our company imports from Italian high-end producers, and then our researchers use professional technology and advanced equipment to mark the suits and points of cards on the side with infrared ink. Below I briefly describe this type marked cards.

  1. Material: 100% plastic (thicker, more durable, more waterproof, longer life)
  2. Number of cards: 54 cards, including 52 ordinary cards + 2 jokers
  3. Size and index: poker size, peek index and regular
  4. Color and pattern: red and blue
  5. Marking method: side barcode mark (you can use poker lens and scanner analyzer to understand the barcode marks)

Any marked card produced by our company is very safe, including our Dal Negro marked deck. You don’t have to worry about being discovered with playing Dal Negro Texas Holdem marked cards for poker lenses. Our marks are invisible to the naked eye and must be seen with the help of poker lenses. A barcode marked deck, a poker lens, and a poker analyzer, you will be in an absolute best position in a game.

This is not only the best choice for poker cards, but also a good choice for magic lovers. Enjoy the fun of using cheat cards earlier. For more detailed information, please contact us.

Additional information


Dal Negro


Black, Blue, Orange, Red




Jumbo Index, Poker Size

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