Royal Marked Cards with Back Markings / Side Barcode

Royal marked cards with back markings/ side barcode, a fanatic choice for poker enthusiasts. There are two ways to mark and detect cards.

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Did you know Royal marked cards with back markings / side Barcode? The high quality of the Royal Card recognized by poker enthusiasts. It has an excellent back design and it made of 100% plastic. The excellent flexibility, water-resistance, and durability feature become the avid choice for most of poker enthusiasts.

Our company has advanced printers, special invisible ink, and professional technicians. Then we import high-end Royal playing cards. After careful processing, they will printed with invisible marks. There are generally two ways of marking, the Royal back marking card (used to indicate suits and numbers, which can be printed on the middle or corner on the back) and the Royal side barcode card (marking, indicating that the barcode was printed along the edges of the cards). And we can also mark according to your reasonable requirements.

Different marking methods require different equipment to detect the marks.   Royal marked cards with back markings treated with luminescent inks that can be used with infrared contact lenses or super glass in poker cheats. The advantage is to see the numbers and suits behind the cards directly and clearly.

The Royal side barcode marking cards need to be detected and identified with poker analyzer system. The lens of the poker scanner can detect the barcode, and the poker analyzer can predict the winner ranking or card suits and points of all poker hands. It is really useful.

The safety and efficiency of Royal marked cards with back markings / side barcode are beyond doubt! No matter where you use it, it is difficult for others to see the mark with the naked eye!

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