Cheating in Craps with Loaded Dice

Cheating comes in many forms. Dice control is a common method to gain an advantage in a casino. If done correctly, the dice control will make certain numbers appear more frequently than others.

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There are many types of dice as well, such as remote dice, mercury dice, and so on. And what we especially recommend for you is loaded dice.

Loaded dice cheating in craps can also be called weighted dice or fixed-point dice, and the loaded dice has the same appearance as ordinary dice. But the secret is that the inside of the loaded dice is different from the ordinary one. As we all know, rolling the numbers of dice is random when playing games. We can only throw out the numbers we want by luck. But with the loaded dice, you can get the number you want which makes you easy to win a game.

The working principle of the loaded dice is about gravity. The loaded dice is handled by adding some irony powder. If we want to fill one side of the dice, we will hollow out the other side and pour an appropriate amount of irony powder into it. Therefore this work surface is heavier than the other surfaces, you can get the selected number no matter how you roll the dice. In addition, if the two points of the dice be filled, the iron powder will slide to the opposite adjacent corners.

Using loaded dice cheating in craps is a safe way to cheat in a casino because no one will discover the secret inside the dice. You can improve your win rate, why not?

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