Gambling Talking Dice Cheating Device

Gambling talking dice is the new type of dice cheating device. Maybe you have heard about gambling cheating devices, such as remote control dice, mercury dice, induction dice, and loaded dice. Each type of cheating dice device has there own advantage, such as taking control of the dice or know the dice pip in advance. Talking dice is belong to “Know the dice pip in advance”.

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How does gambling talking dice work?

There is a special QR code comes with the cheating dice. Use your phone to scan the code and download the app for the dice. Input the password and start to match the dice(Each dice has a code, which is equivalent to a proof of identity). It can match several dices at the same time. After finish other settings, you can start the gambling game.

Which type of dice can be made as this type of gambling dice?

Except for the transparent dice, all types of dice can be made into talking dice, no matter the size, the color, such square/round corner normal dice, animal dice.

How to receive the results of the dice game?

Bluetooth earpiece is the most common way to receive the game result. Or you can see the result directly from the screen of the phone. This cheating dice app can be run on the backstage, so you don’t need to worry about others will see your secret.

If you want to know more details about the gambling talking dice, please contact us. We will explain it to you with picture and video.

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