Modiano Napoletane Poker Cheat Cards with Marking

Modiano Napoletane poker cards are a famous model of Italian cards that many players like to make it as poker cheat cards. The cheating marking could be on the back and the 4 edges of the cards.


When the markings are printed on the back of the Nopoletane cards, it called invisible ink marked cards. It’s a basic type of poker cheat card in the market. Because of the principle of the wavelength of light, people can’t see the invisible ink marking with naked eyes. Only by wearing the special contact lenses, can players see the invisible ink marks. By the way, the marking of this type of cards are a number and symbol that indicate the suit and value of the cards.

The other basic types of poker cheat cards are called barcode marked cards. Their markings are printed on the 4 edges of the poker deck; very special that just like a QR code. You are not able to see or even guess the value and suit of the cards, but you can get the poker game result directly by a poker analyzer. For example, you will know the best hand or second hand in Texas Holdem and Omaha game.

There are 16 different regional suits in Italy, divided into four different styles: Northern Latin suit, Southern Latin suit, French suit and German suit. Napoletane stands for Southern style. The suits are clubs, swords, coins, and cups. This style was influenced by the Spanish style, which originated in southern Italy at the time under Spanish rule.

Modiano Napoletane cheating poker cards are very popular in Europe. If you are interested in it, please contact us.

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