Modiano Platinum Camera / Contact Lenses Marked Deck

Modiano Platinum camera or contact lenses marked deck with invisible ink marks is always one of the most popular product people would like to get for poker games or magic shows. We always have such invisible Modiano Platinum marked decks for sale, as well as other poker cheating products.

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Modiano Platinum poker playing cards are produced in Italy and very popular use there and some other countries. They are 100% plastic and comfortable to cut and deal and can last for much longer time than any paper cards. They are very good to be marked with invisible ink and can be marked well with luminous ink marks for contact lenses or invisible barcode marks for poker phone analyzers.

Modiano Platinum marked decks are always one of the best marked poker cards that can have better marks than many other poker cards for its special back, no matter with what kind of invisible ink. For invisible markings for infrared ink glasses or IR and UV contact lenses to see, It can be black marks or luminous marks in the infrared light. And the markings can be in different modes so as to meet different customers’ need in different poker games. For example, it can be   very big marks in the middle of the back or four smaller markings in four corners indicating the number with suits on two corners.

And with the 4 white sides, Modiano Platinum cards can be marked well with invisible barcode markings to work with poker scanner analyzers. It can get clear barcode marks then some other cards. Welcome to contact for more!

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