Fournier 818 Poker Cards with Scanner / Contact Lenses

Fournier 818 poker cards can be processed for scanner or contact lenses. They are invisible for naked eyes but readable for our specialized cheating devices.


Fournier 818 poker cards with scanner / contact lenses are marked with invisible ink, which are only visible for specialized tools. They are useful devices in poker cheating. Fournier 818 poker deck is originated in Spain. And these cards are popular in some European countries.

Fournier 818 playing cards are made of plastic, which are very durable and washable. Fournier Plastic cards can last about 50 times longer than paper cards. Even after the marking process, Fournier 818 poker cards have the same quality with the common ones. Our invisible marks are also waterproof so the marks won’t fade even though players hold the cards with their wet hands. But don’t soak Fournier 818 poker decks in lots of liquid just for testing. It will influence the effect of the marks.

Fournier 818 poker cheat cards can be processed into back marked cards (for infrared contact lenses) and barcode marked cards (for scanner) . They have different marking procedures and usages. Fournier 818 back marked poker decks have marks on backs while barcode marked decks have bar codes on four edges of cards. From naked eyes, you can’t distinguish the difference between them. If you put these two kinds of cards with normal cards together, no one will figure them out. Everything is the same.

No matter what kinds of marked Fournier 818 marked playing cards you buy, they all are very helpful in poker gambling. And these poker cards with scanner / contact lenses can be available for almost all casino gambling games. You can applied them in both casino and friend gathering.

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