Wireless Remote Control Dice Cheating Device

Wireless remote control dice is the most famous dice cheating device. It can help you roll the number you want, with 100 percent accuracy. That’s the reason why it is popular than the loaded dice and mercury dice.


A set of wireless remote control dice cheating device including the processed dice, the wireless remote and the remote control board, sometimes it also can be remote control dish. Of course, the dice need to roll within the special board and the size of the board could be 15 x 15 cm, 30 x 30 cm, 60 x 60 cm.

How to control the dice pip with the wireless remote?

Power on the remote control board(there are coil and batteries inside the board) and roll the dice within the board. When the time you roll the dice, you press the button of the remote control until the dices are stopping rolling.

The working principle of this dice cheating device is the positive and negative magnetic field principle. The 2 opposite faces of the dice are processed, for example, the number of 1 is the positive side and 6 is the negative side. If number 2 is the positive side and 5 is the negative side. When the coil and batteries inside the remote control board start to work, it forms a magnetic field. Press button A to show up positive side number and press button B to show up negative side number.

There’s no wireless remote control dice that can work without the remote control board. If you have any questions about this dice cheating device, please contact us.