Perspective Dice Cup/Bowl Scanning Camera

Many people like dice games as much as they love poker games. We all know that the dice points are random. The appearance of the perspective dice cup / bowl scanning camera has greatly helped these dice game enthusiasts.

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Dice cup/bowl perspective scanner is a product that can see the dice points through a spy lens. There is a mini camera and infrared light inside a dice cup. Infrared lights work in the dark dice cups to help illuminate the dice, while the scanner camera does the scanning. Usually, dice cup perspective camera lens used with a mobile phone which play a part as a monitor. Therefore, you can read all dice accurately and quickly. And send the image to the phone. No matter how many dice you throw into the bowl, you can clearly see the main points before opening the bowl. Of course, you always need a partner to assist you.

Perspective dice cheating device is safe and efficient. First of all, its appearance is perfect, but it is also deceptive. A dice bowl with a spy camera is the same in texture, color, and shape as a regular dice bowl. Its perspective camera concealed and no one can be seen from the outside. So you can rest assured when playing dice with magic cheating techniques. Secondly, it is very efficient. Through the mobile phone, we can always receive all the dice in the dice bowl.

How convenient it is to use a see-through dice cup or bowl scanning camera in a dice game. It is worth noting that when using it formally, it is recommended to reserve a normal dice cup with multiple training sessions, so it will be safer to use. For more details, please contact us.

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