Shirt Button Camera to Scan Marked Poker Cards

As a short distance of scanning camera, shirt button camera is a popular scanner among customers. It is designed for the dealer. If your partner is the dealer, try this shirt button camera, you will be shocked how fast of it to scan the marked poker cards.


The shirt button scanning camera for marked poker cards can be installed into the position of cuff and chest. Their scanning distance is different, normally it is 8 to 15 cm and 20 to 20 cm, even 30-60cm. However, no matter in which position and in which scanning distance, it can be matched to any model of the poker analyzer, such as the CVK poker analyzer, AKK poker cheating device, PK King S708 poker analyzer, etc.

How to connect the shirt button camera to the poker analyzer?

At first, set up the poker analyzer, which including: game type, number of players, the type of game result and reporting way. Then press the icon of camera and choose the external camera, so they will connect automatically. Once they are connected, you no need connect them at every time you work.

If you are curious about how it works, we can send you a demo to show you how fast and accurate it is at remotely reading cards. In the video, we did a fair shuffle and drew the cards at random. From the time the camera start to scan the marked playing cards to getting game results, it is less than 1 s  econd. Of course, it needs practice. The more you practice, the faster you will find the best place to scan the cards.