Marked Deck of Cards Bicycle Standard / Jumbo Index

Bicycle playing cards are originally produced in USA and very popular use there, as well as many other countries. People like to use Bicycle decks in both poker rooms and magic shows. To make everything more wonderful, the marked deck of Bicycle cards are always used instead of normal clean Bicycle poker cards.


The luminous ink Bicycle marked cards have always invisible ink markings on the back or on the sides to work with special poker cheating devices. One of them is infrared ink readers such as IR or UV contact lenses and infrared poker sunglasses. Wear the invisible ink contact lenses to see Bicycle marked decks of cards is one of the most useful cheating ways for magic shows with poker cards. The audiences are always feel exciting about the shows and seldom think anything about the cards. Also seeing the every cards of number and suits well can help a lot in the poker gambling. To meet people’s different needs for different games, we can mark the Bicycle playing cards with different marking modes. Firstly, big marks of numbers and suits is be most popular one and most clear one to see with infrared contacts. Secondly, small marks of numbers and suits are also necessary in four corners for users who can sometimes see only a corner of the opponents’ cards. Thirdly, some customers might choose the tiny marks on the small white sides in some special situations.

The most suitable one is always the best ones. So just let us know your requirements for the markings and index such as standard index or jumbo index for the Bicycle marked cards before you do an order.

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