Masenghini Marked Italian Playing Cards

Masenghini marked Italian playing cards is a powerful tool in the poker games which can help you know the playing card situation in advance.


The deck of Masenghini Marked Italian Playing Cards is a powerful tool in the poker games. Masenghini marked poker can hold up to 40 cards on the entire deck. In different countries, people like different playing cards. The Italy, for example, people enjoyed using Masenghini marked cards as their many advantages.

Masenghini marks poker with perfect quality. It consists of high-quality three-layer cardboard. Cards marking requires high-tech printers, special invisible ink and professional personnel, which can ensure the security and effectiveness of the marked deck.

As far as our company is concerned, we have all three. On high-quality Masenghini poker, we can mark the number and suit of the cards on the back of the cards or on the sides. The biggest function of the Masenghini marked Italian playing cards are that the user can know the cards situation in advance.

The markings on Masenghini mark poker are invisible to our naked eyes, but can be detected by infrared contact lenses, super sunglasses or poker scanning cameras, which is the biggest feature of Masenghini marked playing cards. In appearance, Masenghini marked cards are no different from untreated origin Masenghini cards. If allowed by the rules, poker players can use Masenghini marked cards in many places, such as party poker games, private casinos, magic shows, etc.

Does such a good marked playing deck make you feel good? Whether you’re in a game or a magic show, buying a pair of Masenghini marked Italian playing cards can help you get what you need. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

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100% Plastic



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