Copag WSOP Cheating Cards with Contacts / Scanner

Copag WSOP cheating cards can satisfy players the desire to be a champion in World Series of Poker. Copag WSOP poker cards are plastic cards which are waterproof and durable. After the process procedure, the marked cards can be kept for about 1 year and even longer in seal box. But if players often use the cards in gambling, these cards also can last about 3 months.


Our Copag WSOP poker cards can be processed into both back marked cards and barcode marked decks. Both of them are useful in poker cheating. These cheating playing cards are all processed with invisible ink so that they are the same with normal cards through our naked eyes. Different poker cheating cards have specialized devices to detect them.

Copag WSOP cheating decks with contact lenses will have invisible marks on the back. Usually, the marks will be composed of numbers and suits. Custom service is also supported. Players can design their own marks. In gambling, players with lenses can detect the invisible ink marks so they can plan how to bet is the most beneficial.

Unlike contact lenses marked poker cheat cards, Copag WSOP cheating cards for scanner can know the results directly. Players don’t need to reckon the winners by themselves. When the poker analyzer scan the barcode on cards, it will calculate out the possible winners immediately. These cards can’t be detected by infrared contact lenses.

Copag WSOP cheating cards are good choice for you to win in poker gambling.

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Blue, Red


100% Plastic



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