AKK K4 Samsung Poker Analyzer Cheating Devices

AKK K4 Samsung poker analyzer is a useful cheating device in poker gambling. It can help players know the possible results in advance so they can make the perfect bet.


AKK K4 poker analyzer is a cheating devices with Samsung appearance. K4 analyzer not only has phone appearance, but also has basic functions of phone, like making a call and sending messages. Its size is small so it is very easy-carried.

K4 poker card analyzer has long working life because its battery is changeable and rechargeable. When the power run out during gambling, you can change a new full battery and continue your gambling immediately. If your battery is not changeable, it may take 2-3 hours to fully charge the power. In gambling, time is money. In 2-3 hours, maybe you can win a lot of money.

AKK K4 poker hand analyzer can scan the barcode automatically and accurately with its own built-in camera. First, it just has one local camera. But later, K4 has been upgraded with double cameras. So its scanning scope will be wider than the previous one. And this analyzer can scan the barcode on poker cards clearly even if it is face-down.

Besides local camera, K4 can also connect with various wireless external cameras, like power bank, lighter, chip tray and watch etc. K4 has three frequencies which cover most wireless scanners in cheating devices market. The external camera will send the information to K4 poker analyzer. Then K4 will calculate out the possible winners and convey the results to players through a wireless Bluetooth earpiece.

With the help of AKK K4 Samsung poker analyzer, players don’t need to win on luck any more. To be a winner is not a difficult thing.

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