CVK 500 Samsung Poker Analyzer Winner Predictor

CVK 500 Samsung poker analyzer winner predictor is the smart Samsung phone analyzer to calculate and predict the poker winner odds for poker cards games which works well in the poker scanning system. This phone analyzer is pretty good for many poker games such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Blackjack and so on!

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CVK 500 poker cards analyzer winner predictor are produced ever since 2017 and very popular at that time. It’s a all-in-one-system analyzer with scanning camera in the smart phone as well. This  poker analyzer odds calculator is in the original Samsung cell phone with a fashion out-look keeping up with the trend. It is much more than a normal Samsung phone for it has the secret scanning camera lens and advanced poker winner analyzer software for hundreds of games, including the popular ones in China or those world-wide-popular games.

The high quality scanner camera lens works very well in scanning the barcode marked decks of playing cards for the CVK poker analyzer winner predictor to get the winner hands for the users  in high speed during the poker cards games.  As long as the marked cards are within the scanning distance (about 20cm-40cm) from the phone scanner camera, this CVK 500 analyzer winner predictor can scan the invisible barcode marks and work to give out the results such as the winning hands soon while the cards are being dealt.

CVK 500 Samsung winner predictor is not the most expensive poker scanner analyzers so far, but it can work well for the games just similar to the most expensive ones!

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