Bee Standard / Jumbo Index with Invisible Ink Markings

Red and blue invisible ink marking Bee cards with standard or jumbo index are widely used in USA and marks always can keep as long as 3 months if keep well.


Bee are well-known brand of playing cards around the world, so it would be a nice choose to mark it with luminous ink. Just like most of American poker, Bee standard / jumbo index with invisible ink markings are paper cards and also can be called plastic-coating. A conventional box of bee cards have 12 cards and here are standard and jumbo index for you choose. They only have red and blue colors, so we don’t have many choice on color. However, we can offer you more choice on invisible ink markings.

As for the marks, it can be bright or dark according to their back pattern color. Sometimes, we also will depend on the light your are using. However, if there are not special requirement, we always marked red cards with dark marks and blue cards with bright marks. And we can promise that all the marks are unreadable to our naked eyes. No matter which color of the Bee invisible ink marked cards, they also can be printer with big marks in the middle or small marks on four corners as their back pattern are quite simple. For those poker cards with complex backing, you can only customize the marks depending on the situation.

By the way, if you want to keep well of those Bee invisible ink marked cards, a black bag will help you to prevents light and ink from reacting. And It’s also essential that don’t to put cards in a humid environment.

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Plastic Coated



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